Submission Guidelines

1. All submissions should be made ONLY as a PDF document, with numbered pages.

2. The first page of the submission will be the Title Page, and should contain the Title, Authors’ details (Name, Affiliation(s), and contact details), and Details of the Track, Author’s name or identification information must NOT be part of the remaining document.

3. The second page should contain the Title and keywords, followed by the content of the submission.

4. The “Header” of the submission should contain the title of the paper, and the track details (track name, and number), and the “Footer” should contain page numbers in the Page X of Y format.

5. All submissions should be in Times New Roman, 12 point size (except Title of the paper, which should be 15 point size, and Header and Footer should be in Times New Roman, 9 point size), double-spacing, with 1 inch margin on all sides.

6. References and footnotes should be as per the APA style guide. The necessary instructions can be found at
Extended Abstract:
The extended abstract submission should be 1500-2000 words in length (excluding references, tables, figures and appendices) The abstract should contain separate sections on  introduction (including research question(s) and contribution of the study), propositions or hypothesis (if any), research methodology, results and discussion, implications, and references. Authors may want to refer to Pugh, W. 1993. Advice to Authors of Extended Abstracts. SIGPLAN, Vol. 91 (2): 1-4., to understand what to focus on when writing the abstract.
On acceptance of the extended abstract, authors must submit the final paper within the deadline. The papers should be 5000-6000 words in length (excluding references, tables, figures, and appendices) The submission should contain an abstract, keywords, and separate sections on  Introduction (including research question), Literature Review, Propositions or Hypothesis (if any), Research Methodology, Analysis, Results, Implications, Conclusions (including contribution of the study), Limitations, Future research possibilities, and References. Please note that:
  1. By submitting an abstract, authors affirm that their work is original, and that they would upon its acceptance submit either the full paper or an extended abstract.
  2. At the time of submitting the full paper by the author/s, they undertake that their paper is not currently under review, accepted for publication, or published elsewhere. The authors need to explicitly mention the above at the time of submitting the full paper/extended abstract.
  3. In case an abstract is accepted for the conference, at least one of the authors must attend the conference, or else registration fees will not be refunded. 

For abstract and paper submissions, please visit the conference website.

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